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Where chistians fins friends and pertners for life in asia


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Established in 2009, Christian Filipina is an online social site helping men and women around the world find friends and partners for life.

Why Use Christian Filipina?

Men and women choose our site because it is a friendly, conservative, and inexpensive place to easily meet friends online and safely get to know them.

Who Uses Christian Filipina?

Our members are mostly from the Philippines and English-speaking countries (the top three being United States, Canada, and Australia) although we also have members who are Filipinos and others living abroad in all countries of the world.

How May People Meet on Christian Filipina and Live Happily Ever After?

We receive testimonials every day from our members who happily met others on our site.

Who Owns Christian Filipina?

Christian Filipina is owned by a Filipina-American couple currently based in Hawaii, USA.

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